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I’d like to correct this:

“God, send us someone to cure AIDS, cancer, etc., etc.”

“I did, but you gave them a substandard education because they lived in an area with poor funding due to low property taxes.  

I did, but you let them die because they couldn’t afford healthcare.  

I did, but due to racism you stomped out their potential and didn’t give them the same opportunities.  

I did, but you make a college education too unaffordable while giving the big bankers passes.

I did, but you saw a homeless youth before you saw a kid with potential.  

I did, but you kicked the downtrodden while they were already shoulder deep in sinking sand.”

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I did, but you forced her to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, forcing her to become a single mother with limited income, having to sacrifice her college dreams in order to provide for her unwanted child.

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bless the god damn comments on this post.

I did but he was a gay kid that was always bullied so he committed suicide…

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this was inspired by a lot of posts. 

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League of Legends rivalries (by Riot Artist Jeff Woo) ~Tesla 

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Tan lines for days

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cute gifset (insp by)

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Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

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Mary Bowser, former slave of the Van Lew family, infiltrated the Confederacy by working as a servant in the household of Jefferson Davis. Bowser was assumed to be illiterate, and as a black woman was below suspicion. Practically invisible, she was able to listen to conversations between Confederate officials and read sensitive documents, gathering information that she handed over to the Union.

(From National Woman’s History Museum Facebook Page)

This needs to be a movie. Like, now.

I’d watch this movie.

How is this not a movie?

<Adds her to the list of historical events and people I’d love to write about.>

Holy amazing plot material!!! This movie would win ALL the awards!!